I have decided to keep the numbering in place from the LJ StD, so this first Dreamwidth prompt is actually #206. (I'm less likely to get confused this way. *g*)

At the end of April, August and December, there will be a 'Past Challenges Revisited' 2-3 week binge, where I lift the three-post limit so that everyone can catch up with any prompts they've missed. With this in mind, I have decided to add 30 of the old LJ prompts to the masterlist each time we revisit the old prompts, until they're all back on the list, giving everyone plenty to play with. :D

And now I proudly present Challenge #206(DW#1) at [community profile] slashthedrabble - Sign.

Drabbles of 100 words and ficlets of 200, 300, 400 and 500 words exactly are acceptable, and please use cut tags. Have fun!

Also, as this is a multi-fandom community, please remember to add a header mentioning which fandom(s) and pairing(s) you are drabbling in. Thanks. :D

A new challenge will be posted around midnight EST on the 22nd April, 2009. (That's 5am on the 23rd, London time.) Feel free to drop a reminder comment here if it looks like I've forgotten (again).

Suggestions for future prompts are always welcome. The list of previous prompts can be found here.
entrenous88: (fringe: froggy)

From: [personal profile] entrenous88


Signs, signs, everywhere signs!

Maybe I will write a drabble for this prompt. *ponders*


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